HSQS Ltd offers support and consultancy to companies at all levels. Compliance requirements are getting harder and resources may not be available to meet these needs effectively. Often it becomes a paper based exercise to get through the audit and the real benefits from the full and effective application of these systems are missed. They are seen as a barrier to business development, not as an aid or resource.

HSQS Ltd offerssupport targeted to meet the needs of the customer. Systems will be designed to give a real  benefit to the business.

Project Based: If a defined target is present to meet a specific business need, HSQS can manage the project; including gap analysis, process definition, project planning, team building, documentation, implementation and training.

Ongoing Support: Acting as an additional resource to busy management, the aim is to make compliance hassle free so that managers  can get on with the business of making money. On-site days will be structured and planned to maximise efficiency and to avoid project creep.

HSQS Solutions is:
Specialising in support, documentation and risk analysis of management systems to meet compliance and improvement targets and objectives
Effective Any support will be well defined, targeted and cost effective and will add value to the company Efficient   All work will be clear and concise with easy implementation

Company Details:

HSQS Ltd was formed in 2006. Originally trained as a Materials Scientist with a doctorate from Birmingham University, I became involved with Quality Assurance in the days of BS5750 and have worked with compliance and management systems since then in a range of industries. These include engineering, printing, electronics, chemical, plastics and credit card manufacture, personalisation and mailing.

In 2006 I decided to take the experience gained in different industries and form HSQS Ltd, offering support to companies to implement and maintain simple and effective systems in the areas of Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Environment and Information Security. I also operate as a IRCA certified auditor.

Companies often lack resources to be able to meet the business needs, there is not sufficient work to justify a full-time position, and staff once trained leave the company. A low cost and highly effective option is to outsource this requirement so that support is always available at a high level.

My approach is to keep any system simple, talk to the people doing the job to gather their experience and knowledge, be seen and visible and not an anonymous figure behind a laptop. Although I started the company, I work with a number of trained and experienced consultants and can offer a range of additional skills (Technical, Logistics, Agile Manufacturing etc.) or additional resources for larger projects.

References are available on request

Dr Paul Castle

Contact Us:

Based in Northamptonshire, HSQS Ltd can support sites throughout the country and overseas.

If you have a requirement, problem or concern that you would like to discuss please contact us by e-mail at or telephone on 07974-768878 - a fast response is guaranteed.

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