An Environmnetal Management System will demonstrate that the company is a good corporate citizen. Environmental improvements are good for the planet but in the majority of cases will also save money. A 10% reduction in electricity is good for global warming and the preservation of natural resources but will also save money off the bottom line.

ISO14001 is a set of basic requirements that can be simply added to an existing management system or documented in a stand alone EMS.

The standard requires that you identify all your environmental aspects with associated impacts on the environment, assess the significance using a set of basic criteria and set objectives and programmes to achieve continual improvement. Finally all relevant legislation must be identified with proof of compliance.

Then just the normal system requirements such as policy, internal audits and management review ensures a simple, effective and compliant system.

HSQS can offer:

 A full ISO14001 Implementation Service:

Understanding the relevant legislation through the vast number available can be daunting. Legislation and legal compliance is assured.

Identification of the environmental aspects simply and effectively.

Identification of suitable objectives can be difficult. Any selected will be real improvements that add value, programmes will be developed to achieve the objectives supported by awareness training to staff.

Support and guidance through certification.

Maintenance and Improvement of Existing Systems:

3rd party audits should be a confirmation of existing controls, not a last minute panic. HSQS can manage internal audits, coordinate management reviews and support effective application and developmenht of the system using industry best practice.